Student/Parent Complaints and Grievances


    The primary purpose of this Policy is to provide for prompt and equitable resolution of students/parents complaints and grievances.

    The resolution of a complaint through free and informal communications as close as possible to the point of origin is encouraged.  A student/parent with a complaint shall first take it to the immediate teacher or principal depending on the point of origin.

    In the event the complaint cannot be resolved through free and informal communication a Formal Grievance may be filed by the student/parent.  The following steps shall be followed when filing a Formal Grievance.

    LEVEL ONE:  The student/parent filing the grievance shall complete the Vestavia Hills City Schools Grievance Report (attached).  The report shall be submitted to the principal.  The principal shall conduct an investigation in a timely manner.  The principal’s decision shall be reduced to writing and presented to the student/parent.  In no event, shall an appeal to Level Two be allowed without the involvement of the principal.  The principal shall document his/her involvement with the problem.

    LEVEL TWO:  In the event the problem is not resolved at Level One, the student/parent may file an appeal in writing with the Superintendent by completing the Vestavia Hills City Schools Grievance Report (attached).  Such appeal shall be presented within ten (10) days of the Level One decision.  The Superintendent shall request a conference with the aggrieved or render a written decision within ten (10) days from the receipt of the grievance.

    LEVEL THREE:   In the event the problem is not resolved at Level Two, the student/parent may request the Superintendent to schedule a hearing before the Board. The Board shall issue a decision within forty-five (45) days after the hearing.

    The aggrieved person may select a representative to accompany him/her, may state the facts in written form, and may request a written decision.

    For the discussion and consideration of a grievance, time and place will be selected which will not interfere with regular scheduled classes or school related activities.  The faculty and administration shall make an honest effort to resolve student/parent grievances as quickly as possible at the most immediate level of supervision.

    SOURCE: Vestavia Hills City Board of Ed., Vestavia Hills, AL.

    ADOPTED: November 28, 1990, Revised March 28, 2007


    Parent Grievance Report Form

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