VHCS Extended Day Program

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    The Vestavia Hills City Schools Extended Day Program exists to meet the needs of students and families after school in Vestavia Hills City Schools. It is our goal to make sure that each child in our program is safe, secure and supported. Children are greeted by welcoming local site directors and activity leaders that care about the wellbeing and progress of each of the children in their care. All of our site directors have been Red Cross trained as well as most of our leaders at each of our sites. The safety of our children is a priority.

    Each site ensures that there is a quiet time of at least 30 minutes where children can do homework or read quietly to give our parents more family time when children get home from school.

    Vestavia Hills provides childcare at each of the elementary schools and at both of our middle schools. For more information on the after school program at your school, please click on the appropriate school's page here on our website or call your local Site Director.

    Note: Our Extended Day programs do not have daily drop-off services.

    EDP Connections to the Strategic Plan for Vestavia Hills City Schools

    I. We will provide multiple opportunities for students to choose pathways toward achieving their aspirations.

    II. We will expose students to an array of opportunities to discover their unique gifts.

    Students are offered 5 or 6 different stations they can enjoy with friends, leaders or alone. Choice is important for our children; many sites have classes or clubs such as knitting, soccer, crafts, and drama.

    III. We will build staff capacity emphasizing individual responsibility.

    Directors and leaders develop goals for the site based upon program non-negotiables for child development. Staff is responsible for setup and cleanup. Leaders are also responsible for helping students with homework whenever possible.

    IV. We will create a dynamic of learning and teaching that provokes questioning and honors academic risk taking.

    Students are able to participate in projects to stimulate exploration in circuitry, science discovery and experiments, architecture, and math exploration.

    V. We will create a culture of inclusivity and respect.

    Friendship building is a daily focus. Children are taught to practice character traits that build community. Students are taught to treat each other with kindness daily.

    VI. We will customize and create global learning environments to facilitate learning without constraints.

    VII. We will intentionally cultivate reciprocal relationships with our community.

    Through monthly outreach, our EDP sites give the students the tools and knowledge to share their time and talents.