Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enrollment & Registration

    How old must a student be to enter school in Vestavia Hills City Schools?

    We require students to be 5 years old on or before September 2 of the current school year to enter kindergarten. To enter first grade, a child must be 6 years old on or before December 31.

    What school should my child attend?

    You may look up your school zone by using our School Locator Map, or by contacting the Board of Education at (205) 402-5100 with your address.

    Where do I go to enroll my child for school in Vestavia Hills City Schools as a new student?

    Please go to your child’s assigned school.

    What information do I need to provide to enroll my child?

    Please click here to see a list.

    I have a child who will enter kindergarten next school year. When should I plan to register him/her?

    Our elementary schools hold spring orientations to assist families of kindergartners and new first graders with registration. Contact the elementary school you are zoned for to learn about orientation.

    Who should I contact for questions concerning online payment fees?

    Contact the school bookkeeper at:
    VHECH 205-402-5480
    VHEDR 205-402-5325
    VHEE 205-402-5200
    VHELP 205-402-5400
    VHEW 205-402-5151
    LPM 205-402-5450
    PM 205-402-5350
    VHHS 205-402-5250

    Will the school refund online payment fees?

    Request for refunds will be considered on an individual basis.



    What is proof of residency?

    VHCS requires either a valid lease or a recorded deed in the enrolling parent’s name, along with a current utility bill.

    I am a parent who is living with my own parents, a friend or relative. I do not have a lease or deed in my name. What do I do?

    Please call us at (205) 402-5100 to set up an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork for enrollment.

    If I move outside of Vestavia Hills, can my child remain in Vestavia Hills City Schools?

    The Board does not permit students who do not reside within the city of Vestavia Hills to attend Vestavia Hills City Schools.  Current students who subsequently move out of the school district may be allowed to continue to attend Vestavia Hills schools for the remainder of the current semester upon payment of tuition.  The Board will not provide transportation to and from school or homebound instruction outside of the city limits of Vestavia Hills.

    Senior students who legally attended Vestavia Hills High School during the prior school year may attend Vestavia Hills High School for their senior year even though they live outside of the attendance area; provided, however, that said student pays out-of-district tuition, the amount of which shall be established by the Board of Education.

    Can I enroll my child if his/her primary residence (or physical custody) is with my former spouse?

    No, VHCS policy limits enrollment only to Vestavia Hills residents who have custody of a child.