Publication Consent Procedure

  • The Publication Consent Procedure, shown below, is provided to all VHCS families during school registration each year. Families may agree or opt-out of the Procedure during registration.

    From time to time, Vestavia Hills City Schools (VHCS) documents classroom and school activities through the use of photography and/or videography. This information may be used for instructional purposes, websites, newsletters, reports, and other media/external publicity.

    By agreeing to the Publication Consent Procedure, you are:

    • Consenting to the use of photographs, videos, or intellectual property (see below) to be used by Vestavia Hills City Schools in official publications and other media, for any and all publicity and/or instructional purposes.
    • Granting VHCS the rights to copyright or otherwise protect any matter in which said photographs, videos, reproductions and intellectual property hereof and/or testimonial appear.
    • Releasing VHCS from any liability in connection with the use, reproduction, and publication of any of the photographs, videos, or intellectual property.

    Description of intellectual property:

    To include, but not limited to: Directory information as defined in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34CFR Part 99); honors, awards, and special recognitions; and any classroom or extracurricular work associated with said recognitions.