Parent Volunteer Background Checks

  • BackgroundIQ logo The Vestavia Hills Board of Education recognizes that community and parent volunteers make valuable contributions to the district’s schools and encourages volunteer participation in district programs. Further, parent and community involvement are essential components of high student achievement. The Vestavia Hills Board of Education endorses a volunteer program and expects its professional staff to encourage and strengthen community and parent involvement in our schools.

    The district may decline the services of any volunteer for any legal reason. All information collected on volunteers will be considered confidential to the extent allowed by law and will only be used to protect the students or minimize disruption to the educational environment. Although volunteers will be provided support services, they are not substitutes for the professional building staff. Volunteers will work under the direction and supervision of school staff.

    Vestavia Hills Board of Education requires school volunteers who will have student contact to submit to a four-point background check:

    1. Social Security number trace
    2. Multijurisdictional criminal sex offender search
    3. Alabama statewide criminal search

    The Board of Education has approved this procedure for parents chaperoning overnight trips with students and other special occasions.

    The online background search requires an online payment by the individual of $12 to Background IQ. Vestavia applicants will have a link for access to their background search. The report generated will be provided to the central office to maintain a school volunteer list.

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    VHCS Volunteer Background Check Procedure