Medications at School

  • There are times when students need medication at school. We will gladly assist your student with all medication needs, but the following state regulations must be adhered to:

    1. All medications, whether Prescription or Over-the-Counter (OTC), must be turned into the school nurse by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult. Students are not to deliver their medications to the nurse. Please do not send medication to the school by your student in a book bag, lunch box, purse, etc. 
    2. No student will be permitted to carry or possess any type of medication, whether Prescription or Over-The-Counter, on his/her person at any time (except emergency/OTC prescribed for self administration.)
    3. All medication, whether Prescription or Over-The-Counter, must have a signed permission form entitled “School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization”.
    4. For prescription medications, a physician signature and a parent signature is required. 
    5. For Over-The-Counter medications, including cough drops and ointments, an “OTC School Medication Parent Authorization” form is also required. However, only the parent’s signature is necessary as long as the medication is age-appropriate by the container instructions. Schools are not allowed to keep stock medicines like Tylenol or Advil. NO exceptions can be made.
    6. Prescription medication must be brought in the labeled pharmacy bottle. We must have a current dated school bottle each time new medication is brought to the school nurse. All OTC medication must be brought in the original, unopened, age-appropriate container.
    7. Controlled prescription medications must be counted each time they are brought to the school nurse. Please do not bring more than a one month supply at the time.
    8. If your student requires emergency medication such as an inhaler or Epipen, to be kept  on- person, please see your school nurse for guidance. Both the physician and the parent must indicate permission on the authorization form. 
    9. All unused medications not picked up by parents/guardians by the last day of each school year will be discarded according to the safe medication procedure guidelines. 

    These medication procedures were considered with your student’s safety in mind. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school nurse.