1:1 Device Protection Plan

    It is recommended that each student purchase a $25 Device Protection Plan annually during the payment window at the beginning of the school year. Any questions regarding purchasing the plan should be directed to the school's bookkeeper. Purchasing the Device Protection Plan allows for quicker turnaround for device repair and protects families in the event of damage.

    Accidentally* Damaged Device Protection Plan Overview

    With Protection Plan
    Initial Cost  $25

    • Repair 1 $0
    • Repair 2 $0
    • Repair 3 $0
    • After the third device repair, the student would incur a breakage fee to cover the cost of the broken part on the device.

    Without Protection Plan

    • Cost of each repair or replacement of the device (not to exceed $350)

    Lost/Stolen Digital Device $350

    The Protection Plan does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, damage from excessive heat or water, acts of nature, or any act of abuse. Anything that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses in a residence or school, and includes, but is not limited to, damage by vandalism, use of improper cleaning solutions, leaving damaging substances on the device, the dropping of heavy objects on the device, or a device that has not been maintained with proper care and use; and “acts of extreme nature” include, but are not limited to, weather related damage and fire damage.

      • All payments are non-refundable. In the event the device is taken because of disciplinary measures or otherwise, the Protection Plan purchase or any other fees will not be refunded.
      • Any malfunction or damage that is determined by VHCS technology staff to be a manufacturer’s defect will not be charged to the student and the device will be replaced. However, if the damage is determined to be intentional or malicious, the Protection Plan will not cover the cost of repair and the full amount of repair/replace will be due. Disciplinary action may follow.
      • If your device is lost, damaged, or having technical issues, please report this to your teacher or administrator immediately.  Lost or stolen devices are not covered under the Device Protection Plan.  Students will be responsible for the cost of replacing the device.


    Taking Care of Your Device

      1. Devices should come to school with a full battery charge.
      2. Never throw, slide, drop, or press harshly on your device.
      3. When not actively using the device, it is recommended that the student store the device in a protective sleeve or case. The protective sleeve or case is not intended to protect against droppage or pressure against the screen.  
      4. Carefully and considerately store your device in your locker, bookbag, and at home.
      5. Please do not use your device around food, liquids or drinks. Avoid getting any moisture or crumbs in any opening.
      6. Do not use household cleaners to clean your device- only a soft lint-free cloth on the screen.
      7. District-provided devices must stay free from all stickers, writing, drawings, and other marks.
      8. Do not leave your device out in the sun or extreme cold.