About the VHCS Brand

  • VHCS logoWhat Is a Brand Identity?

    A brand identity is the visual representation of a business or organization. It's a way to set yourself apart from others and to build support for the products and services you offer.

    Some of the world's biggest companies are instantly recognizable just by their logos. The design, colors, and fonts all help to build a perception of the company's mission and values. These companies put their branding everywhere, and on everything they make, so customers are constantly reminded of where they do business and who they support. Companies go to great lengths to protect their brands. There are a lot of imitators in the world, so it's important for businesses and organizations to ensure no one can misrepresent them, which is why many brands are trademarked.

    Vestavia Hills City Schools has an established brand identity and procedures in place to protect it. Our school system is nationally known for academics, athletics, and philanthropy, and we're followed closely by other school districts, media outlets, and organizations across America. However, the VHCS brand represents more than just the schools — it represents the tens of thousands of students, alumni, employees, residents, and community members who have played an important role in our history.

    VHCS Brand Identity Procedures

    The Vestavia Hills Board of Education has trademarked its brand identity with the State of Alabama. VHCS trademarks include the Institutional and Activities Logos; 1REBEL; the Old English V; the "Vestavia" and "Rebels" script marks; and the word phrase "Vestavia Hills Rebels." In addition, the names, logos, colors and other related materials in use by each VHCS school are protected under common law trademark standards. Any items that incorporate any of these trademarks must adhere to state trademark law and the VHCS Brand Guide.

    Vendors, community partners, civic groups, and individuals who wish to create, market, and/or sell branded VHCS items must enter into a licensing agreement with the Board of Education first. The licensing process ensures that all vendors are working in partnership with, and in support of, Vestavia Hills City Schools and its mission. Licensed vendors must adhere to all guidelines in the Brand Guide and may be required to submit designs to VHCS for review before production. Items that do not adhere to the VHCS Brand Guide may not be produced, sold, or displayed in any form.

    How to Access the VHCS Brand Marks

    Any individual, vendor, school department, student group, or community organization who would like to request access to the trademarked logos of Vestavia Hills City Schools or enter into a licensing agreement may contact the Vestavia Hills City Schools Office of Public Relations for more information.