Severe Weather

  • Weather can sometimes impact the normal operation of our schools and programs. In central Alabama, severe weather season runs throughout the entire school year. Winter weather occasionally affects school schedules as well. Vestavia Hills City Schools students, families, and staff can expect to receive regular communication from the school system during these weather events.

    The decision to change school schedules or operations for weather is made by the Superintendent. Vestavia Hills City Schools is a core partner of the National Weather Service in Birmingham’s Decision Support Service, which provides forecasts to schools and government agencies during major weather events. VHCS also maintains partnerships with local law enforcement and emergency management agencies for guidance on each weather system’s impact on schools, roads, and infrastructure.

Common Weather Decisions

  • Delay

  • Early Dismissal

  • Closure

  • Shelter In Place

How We Communicate

  • We will communicate weather decisions directly to students, families, and employees through the VHCS mass notification system. Families provide their contact information to VHCS during the school registration process each year. We encourage you to keep your contact information up to date with your student’s school at all times to ensure you receive these notifications. Weather announcements are also posted on the VHCS website and social media, and shared with local print/broadcast media.