• Vision Statement:

    Technology will be used throughout our district as we aquire new and exciting ways to meet the needs of all of our students and to enhance student instruction and outcomes. VHCS will strive to use the most up-to-date technology tools in order to:

    • design learning environments that will reach out to a diverse learning community
    • gauge and monitor students' individual levels of achievement, using that information to make decisions about programs and support for student learning
    • model and encourage collaboration between and among: students, teachers, administrators, parents and the global community

    In classrooms, teachers will be confident and knowledgeable about the range of technology tools that can assist them in making effective choices in designing learning experiences. Supported by accessible technology and professional devleopment, teachers will develop and share authentic and engaging activities that require students to hone problem-solving skills. Through this creative and collaborative environment teachers will use technology to:

    • promote intellectual experimentation
    • provide options that match learning experiences to the individual learner
    • promote the development of higher-order thinking and creative problem-solving
    • redefine and transform learning tasks to create authentic learning experiences

    All students, administrators and teachers will be accountable for basic technology skills while continuing to develop their technological literacy.

    As 21st century life-long learners, the students will:

    • understand the ever-evolving ways in which technology can challenge our personal safety
    • develop literacy skills that require them to identify reliable and credible sources
    • use those sources to develop their own distictive voices
    • demonstrate responsibility for the ethical use of technology
    • engage in the use of technology to promote participation in the global leanring environment
    • distiguish and demonstrate the appropriate technological applications



    • Technology allows us to better serve the diverse learning needs of our students.
    • Skillful use of technology supports the development of process skills such as flexibility, adaptablility, crticial thinking, problem-solving,communication and collaboration which are essential to success in our rapidly changing information age.
    • Our school must prepare students to be lifelong learners who are responsible for their own learning, skilled in accessing and processing information, confident in using technological tools, able to solve complex problems alone or collaboratively, capable of being creative and innovative, and able to communicate locally, nationally, and globally.