Advanced Placement

  • AP Testing Information 2023-24

    2023-24 AP Testing Dates  

    AP Course and Teacher Contact Information Sheet  

    Advanced Placement courses are courses taught at the college level that provide students with an opportunity to earn college credit by taking the A.P. exam which is administered in May. At VHHS, students enrolled in an A.P. course earn four additional percentage points to their semester average and 0.5 quality points to the GPA per semester. For these reasons, students who do not take the A.P. exam will be required to take a semester exam in that specific course, and the senior exam exemption policy will not apply.
    AP Self-Study Request Form
    Fill this form out only if you plan to self-study for an A.P. Exam; do not fill out this form if you are enrolled or will be enrolled next semester in an A.P. class. All requests should be submitted and paid for by Friday, November 3, 2023. If you have any questions about this form or the fee total please email Mr. Cook at