• Vestavia Hills Elememtary Dolly Ridge

    2650 Gresham Drive

    Vestavia Hills, AL 35243


    Vestavia Hills Elementary Dolly Ridge is set to welcome kindergarten through fifth grade students for the 2022-2023 school year.  This will be our school's fourth year.  Approximately 700 students will attend Dolly Ridge this fall.  The Dolly Ridge staff is composed of a team of caring and talented Vestavia Hills teachers who previously served at Vestavia Hills Elementary East, Vestavia Hills Elementary West, and Vestavia Hills Elementary Central.  Our touchstone is "Dolly Ridge: A Place to Grow."  We are delighted to serve the students of our community and to continue the tradition of excellence in our school system.  

    Dolly Ridge Elementary is located on twenty-seven acres off of Dolly Ridge Road in the heart of Vestavia Hills.  Vestavia Hills City Schools purchased the school from Jefferson County in the fall of 2017.    


    Dolly Ridge Campus

    • Large 27 acre campus in the heart of Vestavia Hills
    • 105,000 square feet of space
    • Renovated in 2008.
    • Originally built as a middle school and then converted to an elementary school in 2008.
    • Full-sized football field & baseball field
    • New playground