• Social Studies 

  • At Dolly Ridge Elementary School,  Social Studies is embedded with other content areas as well as at a designated time set for students to actively learn with a variety of technology and print-based resources.   As referenced in the Alabama Course of Study, our students find themselves living and learning in a world that is experiencing rapid changes, including a seemingly limitless abundance of knowledge unlike any humankind has ever encountered. They are involved in and affected by local, national, and international events, including state constitutional and economic issues that directly affect both their education and their standard of living. In order to be successful citizens in today’s world, students need to be knowledgeable about the economic, geographic, historical, and political perspectives of the world and its people.


    Social Studies  







    Creating responsible citizens for an ever changing world!

    Kindergarten:  Living and Working Together in Family and Community

    First Grade:  Living and Working Together in Family and Community and State

    Second Grade: Living and Working Together in State and Nation

    Third Grade:  Geographic and Historical Studies: People, Places, and Regions

    Fourth Grade:  Alabama History

    Fifth Grade: United States Studies: Beginning of the Industrial Revolution