Vestavia Hills City Schools Virtual Education Option Procedures

  • Enrollment

    Students in grades 9-12 interested in pursuing Vestavia Hills City Schools Virtual Education Option must follow all enrollment and registration procedures, including those for residency, required for the traditional day program. Registration information and forms can be found on the district website:

    There is a limited enrollment window for online classes. Students cannot pick up these classes in the middle of a term. Students must be enrolled in these classes within two weeks of the beginning of any semester term.



    Applications for Vestavia Hills City Schools Virtual Education Option will be reviewed by and eligibility determined by the Student Support Team (SST). When applicable, Virtual Education Option class fees will be required.


    Virtual Platform

    Vestavia Hills City Schools will use the ACCESS Virtual Learning platform from the Alabama State Department of Education. These courses are not taught by Vestavia Hills High School teachers. Vestavia Hills High School is the facilitator for enrolling students in these classes and administering the tests. Students must be responsible for their own pacing and course work. Questions about classes should be directed to the teacher of the specific class.



    Any necessary student transportation must be provided by parents/guardians or by the licensed virtual option student who has submitted proper documentation in accordance with Vestavia Hills City Schools transportation procedures.



    Students will adhere to ACCESS Virtual Learning testing protocols, as well as any established by Vestavia Hills City Schools. The test administrator will be a certified educator, and all tests and assessments will be administered at Vestavia Hills High School. Students are expected to check-in at the front office on testing dates.



    Vestavia Hills City Schools will follow grading policies set forth by ACCESS. If a student fails a Virtual Option course, the student can retake the course through summer school or credit recovery. If a student fails a class and retakes the class in summer school, then, upon the successful completion of summer school, the student’s GPA for the academic year just completed will be recalculated. If the student’s GPA is at least a 2.0, the student is still on track for graduation, and he/she meets all other requirements and expectations of Vestavia Hills City Schools, then the student will be permitted to continue his/her enrollment in the Virtual Option. A student will earn no credit for incomplete coursework and will be required to make up credit. Students are responsible for checking their own grades. VHHS is unable to monitor and communicate grade progress. This is solely the responsibility of the student. Virtual Education is not for all students. Students should be self-starters and highly motivated. We have found that students that struggle with attendance, organization, and self-directed learning struggle in an online platform.


    Extracurricular Participation

    Students enrolled in Vestavia Hills City Schools Virtual Option are eligible to participate in school- sponsored extracurricular activities, including athletics. Students must meet the same extracurricular activity eligibility requirements as students enrolled in the traditional day program, including, but not limited to, any applicable Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA)

    requirements. Students’ residency for purposes of participating in extracurricular activities will be determined in accordance with applicable state law and AHSAA guidelines. Students who participate in extracurricular activities must take any required corresponding course on campus during the traditional school day.


    Academic Integrity

    The Academic Integrity Agreement of Vestavia Hills City Schools Virtual Option combines the existing Academic Integrity policy of ACCESS Virtual Learning with the additional requirements of Vestavia Hills City Schools.

    ACCESS Virtual Learning students must sign a commitment form attesting to academic integrity regarding each of the following topics. If a student fails to abide by these policies, the student will be removed from the course and will be subject to other consequences as determined by ACCESS Virtual Learning and local school system administrators.

    • All work must be completed by the student
    • Any collaboration among students must be pre-approved by the
    • Cheating is not allowed in any See Vestavia Hills City Schools’ Board Policy.
    • Students will not allow others to copy their
    • Content from the Internet will not be misused or
    • Translators are prohibited in all Foreign Language ACCESS

    All ACCESS Virtual Learning teachers utilize a variety of technologies to check student work for authenticity. If an instructor confirms that a student has cheated in any manner, the student will be subject to consequences determined by ACCESS Virtual Learning administrative staff, the distance learning teacher, and the local school system, and will be subject to removal from the course with a failing grade.


    Click here to download the Academic Integrity Agreement Form and Course Forms for VHHS Virtual School.