• Welcome

    Welcome to our school, with an outstanding faculty, a supportive community, and a rich tradition of excellence.

    The faculty is composed of knowledgeable professionals who truly care about each child.  They have high standards for themselves, as well as our students, and are willing to work hard to ensure that students reach their full potential.  We are proud of each member of the school staff, and we will continue to recruit and train the most highly qualified people in our field.

    We are very blessed to have a community in Cahaba Heights that is very supportive of our efforts at the school.  Parents and community members are eager to volunteer their time, and support the school financially.  People take pride in the important work that has been done at the school over the years. 

    There is a rich tradition of excellence at our school.  Through the years, the school has won numerous awards, and now under the outstanding leadership of Vestavia Hills City Schools, we are taking this success to even higher levels.

    We believe that we can build on our past success and that there is still more work to be done.  We will equip students with the latest technological tools as we prepare them for success in the 21st century.  We will offer the best instructional programs available.  We will bring all of our resources to bear and do whatever it takes to help each child succeed.  This is the VHECH philosophy.  Please join us in our mission.  We think you will feel your life, and the life of your child, enriched by the experience.