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Optional Student Placement Input Form

Dear VHEE Parents,


It is hard to believe we are already planning for next school year. For the past several years we have allowed parents to provide input via a Google form. We have made some changes to simplify our form in light of our new placement process. Each grade level of teachers works together with the counselors, administrators, and interventionists to look at each student individually for their grade level and then they place them in the best fit group for the upcoming year. No teacher names are attached to these groups as that will be determined later by administrators and counselors after the groups are formed. This process worked very well last year and we look forward to continuing it again this year. So much hard work and time goes into this process, so for this reason, the only input we are looking for are those cases where students need to be separated from someone else due to a conflict, personal relationship, or another significant reason. This helps us cut down on making so many changes to our class lists. If you have another area of concern we have left some space for you to provide that other pertinent information.


The deadline for submitting any information is April 1, 2023.


Parent Input Form:

(You can also get to this form by going to the Vestavia East website and clicking on Parent Input Form, which is located at the top of the Quick Links section, or click the link which is part of the Announcements section. This will take you to the Google Form.)