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AP Testing Payment Information

Students may now pay for their 2023-2024 Advanced Placement Tests either by cash/check or online. All A.P. tests must be paid for no later than Wednesday, November 1, 2023. 


All students, regardless of the number of tests they are planning to take, will pay a one-time Exam Administration Fee of $25. Additionally they will pay $98 per A.P. test. Please note that online payments will be assessed a 5% service charge per item in the cart


Please read the following instructions for each payment method. 

  1. Cash or Check:

    1. Bring cash or a check (made payable to VHHS) for the total amount you owe ($25 + # of tests x $98) to the Bookkeeper at your school (Ms. Dawson at MC and Mrs. Davis at FC). 

    2. If paying by check, please include the student’s legal name on the memo line. 

  2. Online payment:

    1. Go to MySchoolBucks and select the VHHS-AP Testing Product Group. 

    2. Add the $25 AP testing fee to your cart and all of the A.P. tests the student is taking. 

      1. Please note that the  Exam Administration Fee and each A.P. test will be assessed a 5% service charge, which means the  Exam Administration Fee will be $26.25 and each test will be $102.90. 

    3. Select “Checkout” to make the payment. 

A.P. Testing and Exam Exemption Policy

Advanced Placement courses are courses taught at the college level that provide students with an opportunity to earn college credit by taking the A.P. exam which is administered in May. At VHHS, students enrolled in an A.P. course earn four additional percentage points to their semester average and 0.5 quality points to the GPA per semester. For these reasons, students who do not take the A.P. exam will be required to take a semester exam in that specific course, and the senior exam exemption policy will not apply.