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VHHS Freshman Campus teacher Kira Aaron named 2024 Alabama Alternate State Teacher of the Year

Provided by the Alabama State Department of Education

May 8, 2024 — Vestavia High School Freshman Campus Teacher Kira Ledbetter Aaron was named Alabama’s Alternate State Teacher of the Year.

This great secondary school is located in the Vestavia Hills City School System. The daughter of teachers, Alternate State Teacher of the Year Kira Ledbetter Aaron always knew she wanted to enter the “family business.”

She believes everyone should have rewarding experiences throughout life and encourages great conversations regarding literature and the self-expression brought through the English Language Arts.

A graduate of Dadeville High School, State Alternate Teacher of the Year Kira Ledbetter Aaron earned a Secondary English Language Arts degree from Auburn University, a Master of Science from Troy University, and an Education Specialist degree in Leadership from The University of Alabama. She also earned National Board Certification and is currently a doctoral candidate.

Aaron has had the great pleasure to teach school in Smith Station, Elba, Troy, and Vestavia Hills communities.

Since book talks are one of her favorite methods to build creativity and positive relationships with students, she started a monthly reading enrichment program to promote additional reading among students in her area. A top administrator in her local school system said, “I am thankful for Mrs. Aaron’s leadership. She works tirelessly to make sure our school provides the best experience for students, and this commitment does not end at her classroom door. Every student in our school is a beneficiary of her great leadership. She brings students and families into a positive community of caring, learning, and support.”